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NCADD-Maryland plays a vital role in ensuring that substance use disorder and recovery services are recognized and understood in the changing landscape of healthcare reform. NCADD-Maryland collaborates with a number of valuable and influential organizations, and takes pride in sharing as much information as we can to our constituents, consumers, families, and policy makers.


Tuerk Conference

The NCADD-MD Tuerk Conference on Addiction Treatment is the premiere one-day conference in the mid-Atlantic region and addresses current issues in the behavioral health field, such as healthcare reform, mental health parity, and the integration of mental health and addiction treatment services. Other issues that are covered include the changes in DSM-V, opiate overdose epidemic, trauma and veterans, problem gambling, family support groups, and tobacco cessation treatment. Check the website for the annual conference schedule.


Know your rights!

Please review the attached materials to understand your insurance/treatment rights. The MENTAL HEALTH PARITY AND ADDICTION EQUITY ACT (PARITY ACT /2009) requires most health insurance plans and Medicaid programs to provide the same level of coverage for MH/SUD care as they do for medical care.

Click below to download the following fact sheets, prepared by the MARYLAND PARITY COALITION:

pdfFiling a Health Insurance Appeal
pdfFiling a Health Insurance Appeal / Medicaid
pdfYour Insurance Rights
pdfParity Warning Signs
pdfProvider Tips

A Drunking Problem - Understanding Addiction and Recovery

A book by Richard M. Prodey - Known for The Prodey Lectures

Calling alcoholism a primary disease does not mean that it is the only disease, the most important, or even the most debilitating. It means that addiction is not caused by another disease or problem, is not, in other words, “secondary” to another disease, not the by-product of another problem, but that it is a problem in and of itself. Put more specifically, addiction is not caused by depression, anxiety, or moral depravity.

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