A Drunking Problem - Understanding Addiction and Recovery

A book by Richard M. Prodey - Known for The Prodey Lectures

Calling alcoholism a primary disease does not mean that it is the only disease, the most important, or even the most debilitating. It means that addiction is not caused by another disease or problem, is not, in other words, “secondary” to another disease, not the by-product of another problem, but that it is a problem in and of itself. Put more specifically, addiction is not caused by depression, anxiety, or moral depravity.

An insightful look at the facts and the myths surrounding the disease of alcoholism. Dick Prodey has compiled this book from the popular Prodey Addictions Lecture Series he has delivered weekly for over 15 years. A must have for anyone needing to understand more about the science behind the stereotypes found in modern culture. 

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